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Summary Framework for rapid automated testing of Command Line Interface
Category testing
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) ajaymalik

Several programming languages such as TCL/Expect, Perl help automation testing of products however there is a cost to learn these languages that slows down the automation (plans). Usually automation is done by special-qualified teams and it does not become part of software/product development and is not used by developers for unit testing, integration testing or by testers in early stages of testing. Resulting in bugs in products that are found at much later stage of the game but however could have been found if teams could automate early enough.

Mission of Project SubTest is to develop a framework that is extremely easy to use so that developers/testers can start automating testing in the early stages of product development. And, of course the framework has to be scalable, modular, easy to maintain.

Project SubTest initially focuses on Command line testing of products however architecturally it is aware of what else is needed.

Plan is to use programming language PERL.

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